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1.  Awareness programmes (Classes and Seminars, Day celebrations like Women’s Day, Mothers’ Day, Girl Child Day etc.)

2.  Pastoral services

3.  Home Science Institutes:- Teaching young women the responsibilities of a mother and wife and giving them vocational training to earn an income.

4.  Conducting Home Mission in parishes.

5.  Visiting families and guiding them.

6.  Home for women and children in distress.

7.  Caring for the sick and aged.

8.  Hospitals and Nursing Schools; Psychiatric Hospitals and Rehabilitation centres

9.  Educational centres:- Collage, Higher Secondary and High Schools, Nursery Schools.

10.  Village visits and Evangelization programs in the mission stations. 

11. Family Retreat Centres

12. AMMA Magazine

13. Councelling Centres

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